A- Honeycomb paper pallet has the following advantages:

1- High cost-benefit solution giving high strength versus weight of material. It can easily withstand lateral loads making it a wonderful choice for heavy weight goods.

2- The paper can also be treated to be water resistant so it can be also used in handling the export activities of fruit and vegetables.

3- Light weight pallets compared to the wooden ones. The light weight can be projected into low shipping cost in terms of air freight

4- Fumigation certificates are not needed any more.

5- Not need the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture


B- Honeycomb paper boards give the following advantages:

1- A strong replacement for the foam in goods cushioning .

2- More environmentally friendly solution compared to plastic and foam.

3- Different sizes and thickness

4- Very high compression strength

5- Light weight

6- Extremely versatile

7- used inside the doors


C- Honeycomb core: which is used inside the doors and boards. Perforated types are also available.


D- Honeycomb Slices

1- For higher thicknesses than traditional thicknesses and strong cushioning.

2- Used for heavy products such as white goods appliances and heavy equipment.


E- Packaging

1- Packaging all appliances to keep them from shock.